Fear and the Natural World Beyond Fear

It is easy to fear that which we do not know. Many animals live in constant danger from humans that are afraid of them and strike out with violence and misinformation. There are certainly animals that have dangerous abilities, but they are to be respected not feared. Humans are not some ultimate feet of evolution, but merely one of billions that have evolved to simply live. Co-existence with all life is something that the human species should strive for. Imagine if we lived with nature instead of for ourselves. I hope these words, and the video below, inspire some of you to take conscious action to look at the way you think and, perhaps, see that it needs changing. What might you discover about the world and yourself if you look just a little bit deeper?

About Curtis Decker

Happy to be here and to open the library to all in need. I love talking about stories, drawing, farming, and hiking. Come in for books, conversations, and to share in the atmosphere of our historic small town library. A magical place of stories and wonder.
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