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A Letter of Thanks and Recognition:

            Those of you in our community who frequent our library may have noticed a bit of a busy activity around our building this summer. Allow me to tell you what has been happening here at the Belmont Literary and Historical Society Free Library.

We had the honor of having Brandon Cline (Cline Masonry), Jake Grisewood (Happy Hill Enterprise LLC.), and Alva Robbins all work on the care and repair of our historic library. We now, thanks to their skills and labor, have repaired brickwork, a new accessibility ramp, and painted the windows and other accents of the library building.

For over a hundred years, our library has stood as a center of community and learning. With the help of Mr. Cline, Mr. Grisewood, Mr. Robbins, and their crews of laborers, hopefully our library will stand for a hundred more.

We at the library would also like to take this time to thank another of our community who is vital in the upkeep of our historic building: Nate Jefferds. Mr. Jefferds is responsible for the cleaning, maintaining, and functioning of our clock tower. Our clock is a relic of older times, fully powered by gears and gravity; it is a marvel of engineering. In fact, there is a clock like ours in the Smithsonian Museum; however, their clock is broken. Our clock tower bell tolls on the hour thanks to Mr. Jefferds care.

I would also like to mention one more person on this list of thanks. Carrie Jefferds, and up until last year, had been director of our library for eighteen years. She retired and has set off in pursuit of another career. Without her guidance, I would not have been able to take over so smoothly as the new director.

We would also like to recognize the hard work of our volunteers, Annie Tucker, Nancy Howbridge, and Wendy and Don Skinner (pictures and framing).

To all these many talented and wise people, on behalf of the library, thank you.


                        Curtis Decker, Director

Belmont Literary and Historical Society Free Library

About Curtis Decker

Happy to be here and to open the library to all in need. I love talking about stories, drawing, farming, and hiking. Come in for books, conversations, and to share in the atmosphere of our historic small town library. A magical place of stories and wonder.
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