This Halloween at the Belmont Library

Cryptid Hunt!

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It is October! The time for creepy critters and ghoulish delights! Come to the library and see if you can find our cryptid frights! Nine spooky specters haunt our library books. Can you find them all in their crannies and nooks?

  1. Bigfoot
  2. Mothman
  3. Jackolope
  4. The Ghost
  5. Frisco Nightcrawler
  6. Nessie (Loch Ness Monster)
  7. Baba Yaga’s House
  8. The Kraken
  9. The Dragon

Find them all this Halloween at the Belmont Free Library and win a sugary treat!

About Curtis Decker

Happy to be here and to open the library to all in need. I love talking about stories, drawing, farming, and hiking. Come in for books, conversations, and to share in the atmosphere of our historic small town library. A magical place of stories and wonder.
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