The Ice Age is an almost mythical setting. When the world was locked in vast glaciers, the rugged land and sea unrecognizable to today. A fascinating piece of that lost era of time is called Doggerland. Now underneath the North Sea between England and Europe, there lies the remnants of a lost world. When the Ice Age was in full swing, the sea levels of the globe dropped around 400 feet, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, exposing much of the continental shelves and low level sea beds around the continents of the world.

Relicts of the civilizations of Doggerland have been dredged up from the sea by British fishermen for ages, and it is a fascinating archaeological treasure trove. Below is a link to the National Geographic article by William E. McNulty and Jerome N. Cookson, for a more in-depth look at this fascinating Ice Age “Atlantis.”

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