The Stories of Abandoned and Forgotten Places

Imagine your home. All the living memories you have of it, all its little quirks. Now imagine it after you are gone. Maybe your grandkids moved in, or perhaps, a stranger now lives there. But imagine even further ahead, to a point where no one alive remembers the most common elements to be found in your home, to where you once lived is forgotten and in ruins. What then?

Lets look at a real life example of an abandoned place. Ancient Egypt. We are fascinated by the ruins of a world that ended almost five thousand years ago. Why does it haunt us so? In fact, civilizations across history have been so fascinated with Ancient Egypt that there is a word for this cultural obsession: Egyptomania.

The forgotten past is a powerful tool in our real life and in our literature. The YouTuber “Hello Future Me” talks about abandoned/forgotten places and how they are intertwined with story telling in the two videos below. Enjoy this pondering and may it help you as a reader and a writer.

(YouTube video “The Power of Abandoned Places” by Hello Future Me
(YouTube video “On Worldbuilding: Fallen Civilizations!” by Hello Future Me)

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