Animated Shorts

Animation is a splendid story telling format. There are more than just movies in the world of animation. Many creators make animated shorts, much like how authors will write short stores. The length is not so much what is important, but rather the depth meaning of the content. Like any story, these animated shorts are made around the world and are a great way to experience stories from other cultures.

Below are several YouTube videos of animated short stories that I found enjoyable and full of wonder. Enjoy the stories.

(“Let’s Eat” by: Anamon Studios, “Let’s Eat is a 8 minute animated short film that centers on the relationship between a mother and daughter in a Chinese-American immigrant family.”)

(“Rouff” by: Benjamin Brand from MAGNETFILM, an artist’s creations come to life and go on an adventure!)

(“Azdaja/The Dragon” by: Ivan Ramadan, “The film is based on the legend of the serpent-like dragon creature dwelling in remote Bosnian mountains.”)

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