Old TV Show Throwback

(Image of a TV from the Clipart Library)

When I was a kid, we only had two TV channels at my house and three at my grandparents house. Most of today’s youth lives in a technological sea of TV shows, games, and all the internet has to offer. Yet there are fantastic stories from the past that I like to remember and rewatch.

Some of these shows have been put on modern sites like YouTube or Netflix. One of my favorite shows from the early 2000’s was a Canadian TV show on the Qubo channel called “Jane and the Dragon.” The story of a young girl named Jane who dreams of being a knight, and her trustworthy friend Dragon. Together, they go on many grand adventures. A great kids show with a beautiful pastel pallet and soft stylized animation.

I have found all of the original 26 episodes on YouTube posted by KnifeInTheCrayonBox, and would like to share them with you. The videos are the complete episodes with no audio glitches or commercials. I hope you enjoy this lovely childhood story as much as I do. Happy viewing!

(Playlist of the “Jane and the Dragon” TV show on YouTube, posted by the channel creator KnifeInTheCrayonBox)

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