Speculative Biology and the Curious Archive

Scientists spend a lot of time studying out how reality works. Gravity, photosynthesis, biology, space, and so on. One aspect of science that is perhaps more entertaining, but just as in depth, is that of speculative science.

This is used when scientists are trying to think of ways to solve future problems that have not happened yet, when scientists are trying to understand what alien life could be like, or when trying to discover what the future could hold. For example, lets say scientists are looking at an earth-like planet. They can look as how its orbit effects the star, how light reacts around it as the planet passes in front of its star, and other more detailed astronomical facts that can lead scientists to fairly confidently determine the earth-likeness of a planet. But what about life on that planet? Most planet’s we will never be able to visit with our current space travel technology; however, to be prepared for if we ever can go to other planets, scientists spend a lot of time on speculative biology and evolution. By looking at the laws of physics, our own planets biology, and paleontological records of extinct species, scientists can formulate ideas about alien life that is logically sound and possible.

This is not just used by scientists, but artists, movie makers, and video game designers that all want to make their world building more believable and grounded in reality. The Youtuber, Curious Archive, explores other creators speculative evolution projects and creates concise and organized videos to display their worlds. I find it a fascinating way to get excited for science! My favorite series of the Curious Archive channel is that of the Epic of Serina, a world where birds rule on another planet and are allowed to evolved un challenged for millions of years. I hope you enjoy exploring these wonderful speculative worlds, and that they lead you to seek to discover our own amazing planet and all its natural wonders.

(YouTube link to Curious Archive’s video on the Epic of Serina project)

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